Greetings to Everyone, thank you for stopping by and showing an interest,

In this section I am supposed to tell you  little about myself and what I am or do

My Name is Dave Angus and I live in Edinburgh in the UK

I am a retired (due to health issues) Sales Trainer and I am self taught in the ways of the internet

Like many of you out there I was fascinated by the thought of earning an income in what looked like an easy way and have spent thousands of dollars and man hours finding out just how wrong I was, but we all learn from our mistakes (or do we?), I think even now I still get taken in occasionally

I even fell in to the trap of believing that if I owned a website or two then all I had to do was get people to visit or join and I would be a rich man (WRONG) it just made things more frustrating.

But enough of the boring stuff, here’s what it’s all about

I have successfully run a few Traffic generating site now for a number of years and I still use such sites as PTC, TE’s, Safelists and all the other similar type sites, they are all great avenues of Traffic generation, but in November 2010 I was persuaded that Social Media sites were the best thing to hit the internet since it all began, I had heard of Facebook and Twitter but never had an interest in them, I occasionally browsed them and made a few comments or posts, I got slightly interested in what a few people were saying and one person who springs to mind is Jo Barnes who is now known as the queen of Facebook and WOW she deserves the title for all her efforts in helping people get established on there, even now she still runs free versions of her Social Networking Academy, I have looked at this and was so impressed how easy everything was explained and set out, I joined up for her 90 day coaching program, because I have decided that 2012 will be my year to excel on he internet.

I do make a modest income at the moment online but I want to do more and I don’t just mean making an extra buck but to genuinely help people to avoid all the errors I made.

I am NOT going to make you a millionaire (only you can do that), but what I do intend to show you is how I now make a reasonable income online, I very seldom (if ever) pay cash for advertising,

I do not expect you to follow me in every program but maybe use some of the strategies and adapt them to your own style for your own programs,

There is no great mysterious secret in any of this, just tried and tested methods and a few hours of dedication a day, it’s up to you how much or little you work. I can only tell you what works for me


I usually only surf  2 or 3 hours a day, broken down in to one hour sessions and in each hour I will view between 600 – 800+ sites, I use the word view rather than surf because I do view them and see what’s new or interesting


When considering if a new PTC site is worth joining, I first look for their opening offer, then I look to see if they offer a good yearly or lifetime membership and I would not consider an upgrade unless there were monthly or weekly credits added

I intend now to publish regular posts for those of you wishing to follow me on here advising you on the good and bad I have come across

I really do hope your 2012 will be a very prosperous New Year for you and may your knowledge base and bank balance reflect this prosperity


My regards to you all



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