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Hi, to Everyone, I have been really busy trying to get things more organised so I can take more time out to write these little snippets, I am glad to say I am slowly getting there. So today I want to give my take on Traffic Browsers,  for those of you who don’t know Traffic Browsers make it more easy to surf more TE’s at the same time, by automatcially  change tabs for you when you click the link, but you still have time to investigate any site that catches your interest I personally use 3 different browsers for different reasons which I hope will becaome more clear below I am a fan of Traffic Browsers the most popular (that I know of) being  TEBrowser it is a well known fact that you can easily increase your surf ratio by as much as 40% or maybe even more per hour But you are limited to what sites and how many sites you can surf at the same time,  you are limited by the sites added by the browser owner, but they will add new sites if you recommend them and they think are worthy to add, It does make sense in a way to limit the number of sites you can browse at one time as trying to surf 20 or 30 sites at the same time would surely be defeating the purpose


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